Chelmsford Beekeepers (CBK) is a Division of the Essex Beekeepers Association (EBKA) and supports over 150 members in and around the Chelmsford area.

Chelmsford Beekeepers was formed on 4th December 1918 and has a long History of supporting the craft of beekeeping. In 2018 they celebrated their Centenary with numerous Events involving the public.  With the revived interest in beekeeping, the Division continues to grow and welcome new members. Some of our members are just getting started as beekeepers, whilst for others this has been a lifetime’s activity. All share an interest in the wonderful and remarkable world of the honey bee.

At CBK our Committee we try to provide our members with interesting and practical information about the ‘how-to’ of beekeeping, along with a programme of events throughout the year. The Division also provides both members and the general public with educational courses about honey bees, including Beekeeping Beginners courses and Taster sessions and the benefits of beekeeping in our communities.

Bees are losing habitat all around the world due to intensive farming practices, pristine green suburban lawns and from the destruction of native landscapes. You can help our disappearing bees in a number of ways, which could include:

Plant  bee-friendly plants
Reducing your use of insecticides
Become a beekeeper
Teach our younger generation about the importance of bees
Support your local beekeepers and buy their honey.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a beekeeper, why not try and Find the Queen bee, read our Guide or come along to one of our monthly Meetings, where you will be given a warm welcome.

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