Who do I contact

Please read all of this before contacting our members about swarms

  1. Please read the swarm page and then bumbles and wasp page before contacting our members
  2. One of of our members – Paul Wisbey (07773 425949) may be able to help with bees in buildings or chimneys.
  3. If you find a swarm and are concerned, please contact one of our members below who will advise on the correct action and, if necessary, will arrange to collect the bees.
  4. This is a voluntary service, please note there are expenses incurred; for example: petrol, providing the bees with frames of wax and medication etc. Expect in the region of £30-£40
  5. Please do not contact our members at the weekend unless there is an extreme problem (unlikely)
  6. Many of our beekeepers work full time so it may not be possible for them to come straight away and  you may be asked to leave your name and number on an answer-phone.
  7. Please, never use ‘999’ unless you believe people are in extreme danger (very, very unlikely).

If you are outside the CHELMSFORD area, please go to the Essex Bee Keepers’ Association to find help.

For help and advice with swarms in buildings and chimneys only please contact
Roy Hardwicke (01245 225950) or Paul Wisbey (07773 425949)

Other contacts:

The following volunteers maybe available to give advice (subject to work and family commitments), but will not be able to help find someone to collect your swarm.

Richard Alabone    01245 259288
Dee Inkersole          07544531970 , 01245 422627

Other towns in Essex contacts:

Please refer to the Essex BeeKeeper Association website for an appropriate contact in your area.