Who do I contact?


read all of this before

making contact about swarms

  1. Please read the swarms page and then bumblebees and wasps  page before making contact
  2. If you have identified that it is a swarm  of Honeybees, and are concerned, please visit the British Beekeepers Association website (details below) they will have details of Swarm collectors in your area
  3. Although this is a voluntary service, please note there are expenses incurred; for example: petrol, providing the bees with frames of wax and medication etc. Expect a fee in the region of £30-£40
  4. Many  beekeepers work full time doing other jobs. It may not be possible for them to come straight away, you may be asked to leave your name and number on voice-mail.
  5. Please, do not call ‘999’ unless you believe people are in extreme danger (very, very unlikely).

Visit the British Beekeepers Association website for details of Swarm collectors in your area.