Local Honey

Purchasing local Chelmsford Honey

Each year, our members produce many tons of honey, along with candles, wax and many other ‘bee’ products. Local products can make excellent presents for that special person. In addition, many people believe that products containing local pollen can help with various allergies including hayfever.

The best way to support your local beekeeper is to buy their honey. Keeping small beekeepers in business is good for everyone including the bees and the local landscape. You’re likely to find them selling honey at local farmer’s markets, local shops and straight from there home.

If you would like to buy local Chelmsford Honey you can use the map below to locate a beekeeper nearest to you (look for this symbol untitled-1), or find a retailer or shop that sells local honey.

If you are a member of the CBK and would like to add yourself to the map please contact the webmaster.