EBKA workshop 5 ‘Improving your bees’

Improving your bees – a simple and practical method to having better bees.

Ever wanted bees that are calm, easy to manage and productive? We will undertake a simple practical exercise to identify the best colonies to choose from and a
demonstrate a simple method to replace poor queens and raise better ones.

Kevin Thorn – BioKevin is a Commercial Bee Farmer with 90 hives in and around the villages of Lavenham and Long Melford. In addition to the usual Bee Farmer activities, Kevin breeds queens and produces nuclei of bees for his own use and for sale. His wife Julie makes beeswax products and distributes their products to over 80 outlets across East Anglia.

Kevin is chair of West Suffolk Beekeepers and a Trustee of the Bee Improvement and Bee Breeders Association with responsibility for helping groups of beekeepers establish bee improvement groups. On weekends Kevin works with two native bee reintroduction groups, one at Abberton that has been established for 3 years and a new one being established on the Sandringham Estate.