EBKA workshop 7 ‘Staying Supple for Beekeeping’

Staying Supple for Beekeeping, Pilates based stretches

Mind your back !!!

Protecting your back, supporting your core, maintaining stability and balance as well as remaining flexible are key to happy, healthy beekeeping.  This workshop shows you how to avoid the pain and keep your body happy beekeeping from your teens into your nineties.

No special clothing or equipment is required for this activity.  Leotards are banned! Just come along in your jeans, join in, have fun and see how an expert can help you become more supple with a few specific and easy moves.

Initially the workshop aims to demonstrate simple warm up stretches to protect your body, ideally to be undertaken before you start hefting supers and other kit around.  The trainer will then go on to show us the best ways to lift and move beekeeping equipment and then demonstrate a couple of beneficial (warm down) stretches to do after beekeeping activities as you take off your beesuit.

There will also be a section of this workshop showing us a few easy exercises that done on a regular basis will firm your core, increase stability, improve your balance and hence support your back and limbs from the physical rigours of beekeeping.